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Birthdate:Jun 16
Character Name: Maxine "Max" Stefansson

Age: 19

Country of Origin: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Played By: (this should be the actor/actress/whatever you want to represent your character in the game) Dakota fanning with short hair. I have a pic if needed.

Profession: Jaeger mechanic (Wants to be Pilot)

Personality: Max has Autism Spectrum Disorder and is Gifted. She's not known to have a filter, and is usually stating an opinion or thought that gets her into trouble. She's known for her stims and flapping, her fixations on certain sounds, and her flighty attention at times when interacting with people. She wants desperately to be a Jaeger pilot, but no one seems to be willing to drift with her because of how overbearing her stims can be. Her resting face is "Fuming", so people assume she's pissed all the time, and they treat her like that. That makes her angry, and then she IS fuming. She's a klutz as well. Her legs rarely listen to her mind, and her flapping stims can sometimes unbalance Max. When she's focused, good luck prying her away. There have been instances where she has passed out from lack of water/ lack of food/ lack of sleep because she was so bent on completing a task, or mending a unit, or getting that control set up JUST right. Max uses obscure references to get her point across or made, since she can find it difficult to express herself. Fringe, Firefly, and Paramore are all readily quoted, but the Idlewild series by Nick Sagan is also a favorite.

Brief History: Born and raised in Calgary, went undiagnosed until Grade Nine. As soon as she graduated, made her way to the Jaeger program. She has three younger siblings, all Typical, and Parents who are fretting that their "WonderWild Child" is going to "make monsters to fight monsters". Her dad taught her a lot about mechanics, and her mom taught her just about everything else. Her siblings taught her social skills though, and how to attempt to play nice. On K-day, Max missed all of school because she could not be cohersed away from the TV. She didn't lose anyone, due to the fact that all her family lives in the Canada prairies, but she wanted to do something. For a while, she considered going as a journalist so she could tell people "where it's not safe". When her youngest brother explained that being a journalist meant talking to a LOT of people, Max dropped the notion. Then she got wind of the Jaeger program, and became hooked. She has been pushing to be a Pilot since, and as soon as she had graduated, odd jobed her way to Kodiak Island, and applied to the PPDC as a after her pilot request was dropped due to her diagnosis.
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